Family-Based Psychological & Neuro-Behavioral Treatment and Training

By providing an array of God-centered, behavioral, psychological and neuro-behavioral health services, In-Family Services:

  • Helps children and teens reach successful, future adulthood
  • Facilitates families to manage conflict and mend stressed and broken relationships
  • Trains adults how to help their children, reduce their stress, think more clearly, and make better choices
  • Teaches human services staff how to create the ideal clinical setting and healthy organizational culture
  • Writes wholistic, integrated curricula and proposals for human services organizations and academic institutions
  • Supervises social work and human service interns and MSW’s seeking social work licensure
  • Makes presentations to members of your organization or community on topics of emotional and neurological health


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In-Family Services is in Conroe, TX, 45 minutes north of downtown Houston