Lucy (Beth) Powell, LCSW, is licensed in both Texas and Mississippi. She is a trauma-focused psychotherapist, author, neuro-behavioral educator, trauma-sensitive Yoga instructor, workshop facilitator, and organizational consultant with over thirty-three years of experience professionally and successfully helping individuals and families who have come from “hard places” or acute and chronic stress. As well, Beth has over 45 years of public speaking, training, teaching and organizational consulting with organizations such as CASA, Head Start, various school districts, and foster-adopt agencies throughout her long career.
Beth’s psychotherapeutic and neuro-behavioral treatment approach is uniquely systems-based and cost-effective. She has the personal experience to relate to others who have a trauma/traumatic loss background. She is able to quickly identify and address the sources of the behaviors we see and the inter/intra personal conflicts within the self and with others. She equips people with the tools and the resources to continue their healing at home, away from the therapy session.
Her child-in-family approach to helping children heal from in-utero, and post-birth trauma, and reduce symptoms of Autism and ADHD addresses the neuro-behavioral sources that drive the anxious and perhaps avoidant or aggressive behaviors that we see. She enlists and trains the home caregivers as part of the treatment team, giving them the knowledge, the techniques and the activities to help their children at home.
Beth Powell’s Child-in-Family Approach is compatible with TBRI®, an attachment-based trauma-informed approach that is designed to meet the complex therapeutic needs of our foster and adopted children.


Worth Mentioning

  • Member of NASW (National Association of Social Workers) since 1992
  • Founding Board member of Angel Reach, Inc., an organization that supports relatives and kin who are raising children and helps foster children transition out of care
  • Former Lone Star College professor and Houston Community College Professor
  • Personally mentored with Judith Bluestone, creator of the HANDLE Approach, a systems-based approach to neuro-behavioral development
  • Dr. Steven Gray, Neuropsychologist, recommended Beth’s services in his book, The Maltreated Child, Finding What Lurks Beneath
  • In their 2002 Holding On issue, The Houston Press likened Beth’s therapeutic approach “to a visit with a loving grandmother”
  • Certified Kundalini Yoga (a trauma-sensitive yoga) instructor since 1998
  • Qualified Texas mediator since 1990
  • Level 1 EMDR Trained since 2001
  • Authored four stories included in The Kinship Parenting Toolbox, a 2015 EMK Press book for relatives and kin raising children
  • TRT Certified (Trauma Resolution Therapy) since 1996. Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, was inspired by TRT
  • Author of Fun Games and Physical Activities to Help Heal Children Who Hurt: Get On Your Feet!