Lucy (Beth) Powell, LCSW, is a Conroe, Texas-based psychotherapist, neurobehavioral educator, college professor, workshop facilitator and author who specializes in helping people, especially children and families, heal hearts, minds, brains, bodies, and relationships with themselves and with others. She has over 29 years of professional experience in counseling and psychotherapy and over 40 years of public speaking and teaching what she has learned to help others.

Beth has an entertaining and interactive workshop presentation style that not only educates but entertains appreciative audiences. Her common sense, “southern” origins are evident in her writings which are based upon her personal experience and professional expertise. Her therapy clients appreciate her thoroughness, her custom-designed solutions with a spiritual touch, and her humorous, yet loving style of communicating even the most difficult of concepts into easily understandable pieces of palatable information.

Beth’s psychotherapeutic and neuro-behavioral treatment approach is uniquely systems-based and cost-effective. She came from a hard place herself, so she has the personal experience to relate to others who have a trauma/loss background. She is able to quickly identify and address the sources of one’s problems and equips people with the tools and resources to continue their healing away from the professional therapy room.


Worth Mentioning

–Member of NASW (National Association of Social Workers) since 1992
–Founding Board member of Angel Reach, Inc., an organization that supports relatives and kin who are raising children and helps foster children transition out of care
–Lone Star College professor
–Personally mentored with Judith Bluestone, creator of the HANDLE Approach, a systems-based approach to neuro-behavioral development
–Dr. Steven Gray, Neuropsychologist, recommended Beth’s services in his book, The Maltreated Child, Finding What Lurks Beneath.
–In their 2002 Holding On issue, The Houston Press likened Beth’s therapeutic approach “to a visit with a loving grandmother.”
–Member of First United Methodist Church of Conroe, Texas
–Certified Kundalini Yoga (a trauma-sensitive yoga) instructor for over 17 years
–Qualified Texas mediator for over 20 years
Level 1 EMDR Trained
–Authored four stories included in The Kinship Parenting Toolbox, a 2015 EMK Press book for relatives and kin raising children.
–Author of Fun Games and Physical Activities to Help Heal Children Who Hurt: Get On Your Feet!

Lucy (Beth) Powell, LCSW