• Your licensure is LCSW. What does that mean?
    It means licensed clinical social worker. This licensure in Texas allows the bearer of this license to legally perform many evaluatory, counseling, psychotherapy, educational, advocacy-oriented and organizational duties.
  • How much do you charge?
    $80 a 60-minute hour for all services, except groups, workshops and classes.
  • Do you do Christian Counseling?
    Yes, I can specifically provide Christian Counseling as I am myself, Christian. I can also provide counseling and psychotherapy to people on different spiritual paths without judgment nor attempts to influence their belief system to match my own.
  • I may like to use my out-of-network private insurance benefits to help me pay for your services. What is my first step in making that decision?
    First call your health insurance company or check your policy to be sure you have out-of-network provider benefits for out-patient behavioral health counseling or psychotherapy. If you have an HMO policy, you probably don’t have out-of-network benefits. Click here for suggested questions to ask your insurance company to help you decide whether or not you should use your out-of-network insurance benefits for services at Beth Powell’s In-Family Services.
    1. Do you have out-of-pocket costs to pay before you can utilize your out-of-network benefits such as a deductible? If so, what are those costs?
    2. See if Lucy (Beth) Powell, LCSW qualifies as an out-of-network, outpatient behavioral health provider with your insurance company. Her LCSW license number is 18222. Her NPI number is 1942340054. Her office is located in Conroe, Texas.
    3. Will your policy pay for individual outpatient behavioral health therapy? Will it also pay for family outpatient behavioral health therapy?
    4. What are the outpatient mental health CPT codes your insurance company will pay for? 90791? 90837? 90847? 90834? 90846?
    5. In order for your out-of-network behavioral health provider to file your visits with your insurance company to help you reach your out-of-pocket costs, how much does your insurance company expect you to pay the provider for each CPT code?When you gather this information, call Beth Powell’s In-Family Services to discuss the matter in further detail: 979-733-3232.
  • Do you work on Saturdays?
    I am able to see clients on some Saturdays.
  • Do you work with active addicts and alcoholics?
    I can only work with addicts and alcoholics who are ready for Stage 2 recovery work. I cannot work to help people get sober. But I can work to help people stay sober.
  • Do you do alcohol or drug interventions?
    Yes. But since In-Family Services is not a chemical dependency treatment program, referrals for treatment are made elsewhere.
  • Do you go to court?