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Outpatient, God-Centered Services for Children,

Families, Adults, and Seniors

Trauma-Focused Psychotherapy and Counseling, Animal Assisted Psychotherapy,
Family Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-Behavioral Play Therapy,
Private Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Classes, Life Coaching, Workshops and Lectures

Help For:

Issues of Adoption and Foster Care
Behavioral Problems
Fetal Alcohol and Drug Effects
Attachment and Bonding Concerns
Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Other Special Needs
Trauma, Abuse and Anxiety
Grief, Loss, and Depression
Bipolar and Mood Disorders
ADD/ADHD Symptoms

Texas accepted insurance plans:


Medicaid  (For adopted and foster-to-adopt children only)


--TCHP (TX Children's)



Private Insurance


--Tricare-Humana Military (out-of-network)



--Some Medicare Advantage PPO's

MS accepted insurance plans:


(Not yet approved for insurance)


Both States:

--FSA and HSA cards

--Debit and Credit cards