“Real” Yoga: Breath, Rhythm, Movement, Mantra, and Meditation

What is trauma-sensitive yoga the way it is taught by Beth Powell?

It is an adjunct therapy modality to help Beth’s clients, adults, children or teenagers, who are ready to experience ownership and awareness over their bodies and minds by focusing their attention, their breath and their affirmative words and visualizations on the areas of their bodies that need that attention from them. They are ready to learn to gradually relax, down-regulate and feel safe in their own skin, and get to know themselves as a temple of God. They are ready to learn to trust a teacher, who understands them and accepts them and knows what they have been through because she has been there herself.

Many people who have experienced trauma either avoid their bodies and spend time in the intellectual center of their brain to avoid feeling. They may be hyper-alert, scanning the horizon for danger, not aware that their body is in a tense, tight state of fight-flight, because that state has become normal, even when there is no danger. Some traumatized individuals are emotionally shut down, numb, emotionally disconnected and isolated from themselves and from others. These individuals, as the country music song says, “will never fear, for they will never feel.” When they are ready to become alive and truly live, trauma-sensitive yoga can help their healing process.

What effects can untreated trauma have on the body?

Trauma is stored in the body. It’s not all in one’s head. Untreated or only cognitively treated trauma can have a big impact on future health. Trauma survivors are about three times more likely to deal with irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Trauma can leave an imprint on the body that can lead to emotional and physical symptoms years after a traumatic incident.

Does Beth teach group classes in trauma-sensitive yoga?

When the therapy client is willing and ready for it, Beth can weave it naturally into the therapy session.